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CaddyJack and ManVan on the streets of St. Louis!

STREETZ! THIS is the stuff I live for. Real deal street racing. No closed down roads. Head on a swivel, moving from spot to spot, puddle and go, STREET RACING.

This last weekend we were invited to go to a small cash days type event on the streets of St. Louis. We've been doing lots of testing with CaddyJack and ManVan and people have been taking notice. Somebody up north told us we should load them up and head that way to catch some street racing. We thought that meant we'd be racing cars like these (late model, full interior, 4000-5000# street cars). We should have known better lol. Even though we may have brought some butterknives to a knife fight, I feel like we may have turned some heads with these dailies!

We showed up to the meeting spot right on time (we were 2 hours late lol) and began the drivers meeting. Right out of the box, Shawn draws the #1 chip and is matched up with a turbo'd '68 Camaro and Jackie draws #3 where she would be paired up with a 4th gen f-body on the bottle. We get to the race spot and get both cars unloaded; yes we trailered our daily drivers 7 hours to race (insert bitching and moaning). Keep in mind, both CaddyJack and ManVan have recently just set personal bests running mid-low 6's in the 1/8th. But we're going to be racing cars that are capable of running deep in the 5's, or even faster. But we were there to have a good time, and thats what we did! As you'll see in the video, ManVan doesn't waste any time getting out of the hole and holding off the Camaro for the majority of the race. Shawn did however get drove around about 600'. Congrats to Mr. Swank. Jackie then proceeded to get the first street race win of her career and then continued to advance to the semi-finals where she met up with one of the baddest small tire street race cars in the game today, BeaterBomb.

Although we didn't win, or even make it to the finals, fun was definitely had by all. With that said, if you know of any 28" tire street races, or late model stuff going on, send us message. We ready to race!

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