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Update on Murder Nova's ManVan!

So it's been a little bit since we've let you know what's up with Shawn's TBSS, ManVan. The last update we put out, it made right at 400rwhp after a cam swap and some Stainless Works headers and exhaust. We added a Nitrous Express plate kit to it and had quite a bit of fun...but you know how it goes lol

The stock LS2 and 4L70 was removed from the ManVan and transplanted into Shawn's k5 blazer, Kilo. In it's place we dropped in a 370c.i. short block from Texas Speed with some AFR230 cylinder heads and a 2.9L Whipple. Fuel delivery for this monster is provided by a 3.5gpm brushless pump in the stock fuel tank custom built by Aeromotive and a set of 1200cc Deatschwerks injectors squirt the e85 into the intake runners. We're still using the original Stainless Works headers but Monkey has redone the exhaust to be a dual 3" with x-pipe into a 4.5" single exit. Now that the air is able to get out of the engine, Monkey made sure we were able to draw enough in by building a 5" intake using materials from our buddies over at RaceParts Solutions. Of course we gave a call to the guys at Nitrous Express for that little extra "insurance" and they sent one of their SHO Shark nozzles that moves a crazy amount of nitrous! All this power is sent through a Rossler 4L80 with a transbrake through the stock driveshaft to the stock rear end and planted with stock suspension!

In the video below, Shawn talks about all the changes, the crazy amount of power this things is putting down and the mid 9 second passes its laying down at the track!

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