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So you want to be a Street Outlaw?

So you want to be a Street Outlaw? We hear it all the time; "anybody can can be fast with them big ol' tires" or "you guys don't even work on your own cars" or "anybody can be fast if you shut down a street to race on and prep it all the time" or any of other thousands of reasons we hear on a daily basis that people use to explain why we're so fast at the type of racing that we do.

The reality of it is, Chief and Shawn are so damn fast because this is their passion in life. You will never meet two more people with more drive and determination to be at the top, than these guys. What you see on the show on Monday nights, is only a very small fraction of the work that goes into the badass racing you see on race night.

I'm Phantom. I've known the guys for many years and spent many many late nights and early mornings helping the guys with their cars over the years. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to give you all a little behind the scenes look at what actually goes into making these cars the baddest street raced cars on the planet. And I promise you, it's not as easy as you think it is...

Watch the Facebook pages, bookmark this page, whatever you need to do, but be sure to check back here often. I'm going to be flooding this blog with weekly updates of what's going on with the guys including lots of pics and videos of all the changes, upgrades, blunders, stuff that we thought would work but didn't, stuff that shouldn't work but did, and everything else leading up to what you see on Monday nights

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