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ShopTruck makes 1100hp on the dyno!

Just a quick update on ShopTruck here. As many of you may have seen last week during our live feed, we had a new Mustang MD-1100 installed here at the shop. We calibrated it with Shawn's wifes Cadillac. Then beat on it with the Murder Nova to the tune of 1950hp.

Well, I wanted to play with the new toy too! So I stayed late after work Friday evening and strapped this thing down. After a couple pulls, this thing already put down 990rwhp! And I hadn't even put my small pulley on it yet. Most people would have been happy and went ahead and drove it home. Not me lol. I showed up early the next day, put a fresh set of soldiers in, (spark plugs; you'll only get it if you listened to our live feed lol), swapped out pulleys, made some adjustments in the tune, and started beating on this truck like it owed me money. After the dust had settled, I had made more than 10 pulls, several over 1000hp, and ended up at 1,112hp to the rear tires.

I'll do a full writeup on the entire build at a later date but here's a quick run down of its current setup:

370c.i. built with an LS2 block

Factory 5.3L crankshaft

Callies Compstar rods

CP Pistons

CNC L92 Heads

11.5:1 compression

F1a-94 Procharger


Deatschwerks 2200cc injectors

Rossler 4L80e transmission

Protorque Triple Disk Converter

Quick Performance 9"

Now, I just need the weather to break so I can get to the track!

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