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What's New at Midwest Streetcars

Well, it's definitely been a long time since I've done one of these and a lot has happened since the last one! For those of you reading for the first time, keep in mind: I am NOT a writer. If my high school English teacher ever comes across these posts, she'll be very disappointed that I didn't retain anything from her class...or impressed that I actually finished something lol. All I'm getting at is, enjoy the story and try not to focus too much on my bad punctuation and sentence structure.

Let's rewind back to November, 2015. My next blog entry would been a miserable one. Including everyone in the shop being so sick we could hardly stand upright, and ending with Chief crashing the OG Crow

Fast forward a little bit to when he bought a promod to compete against all the other promods that kept showing up in our world. We debuted The Crowmod at PRI 2015 in the WELD Racing booth.

The heart of the OG Crow lived on and was transplanted into The Crowmod where it eventually became the first Pontiac powered door car to run in the 3 second zone in the 1/8th mile at No Mercy 7 drag radial race

He even stepped into a world that was once thought impossible for a case member of the television show by entering an NHRA Promod race at the US Nationals in Indy. We fell short of qualifying but had an awesome time

As cool as The Crowmod was to us, evening the playing field with a carbon bodied cars we were having to race on the street against out of towners quickly wore out its welcome with our OG 405 racers. So the hunt for a new steel bodied car was on. A roller was found and purchased, and then completely rebuilt in house at Midwest Streetcars in 8 days to race some guy that wears too much women's jewelry. Once again the 482c.i. Pontiac was transplanted into a new car. We were even able to use the VFN Fiberglass doors from the OG Crow.

This car quickly started putting in work. Winning Mega Race, then making a quick run to the #1 spot on the list as well as winning the $60k no prep race at Bristol. The Judge has done nothing but get quicker and faster since the beginning of 2017 to the present.

Shawn continued to not only race, but be competitive with the OG Murder Nova on the list up until the middle of 2017. He actually remained in the top 5 until he missed a couple races due being susp...I mean, on vacation lol.

Many of you may not have known he actually began having a new car built back in 2015. The car was built to look mostly the same as the OG, but much lighter and a lot faster. Shawn started out with a very clean, bone stock nova that was built into the monster you're now watching on Street Outlaws. Checking in at nearly 500# lighter than the OG, the new car has a 482" small block instead of the old reliable 572" big block chevy, but still rocking the same Precision promod 88mm turbos. Power output I about the same but the new car has already been a couple tenths quicker on big tires than OG ever did and 60's in the mid 1.0x range instead of 1.1x like the old car. In conclusion, this car is THE TRUTH.

The new Murder Nova has had plenty of ups and downs in its young life so far. We did manage to get our sh*t together enough to win the first Cash Days it entered toward the end of last year.

If you're up to date with whats going on currently with Street Outlaws, you're probably wondering how we can call this car a "monster" when it was just got beat off the list by arguably the worst drag racer in the history of the world. Don't worry; we're going to get a handle on this thing real quick and be back.

With the birth of the new Murder Nova, what's that mean for the OG? It's now been commissioned for small tire duty. We haven't had much time to get a lot of testing in with the little tires, but Shawn was able to force this thing down the road to a runner-up finish in a DFWSS Small Tire Cash Days in the Fall of 2017.

That should get you all pretty well caught up on what's been going on with the race cars. Other than that, we've just been playing with daily drivers, Shawn is trying to collect every K5 Blazer in the world, Chief is having to drop CaddyJack off at the body shop monthly, and Monkey is still giving everyone the deal on a daily basis.

As of today, June 26, 2018, the guys are in the shop getting both cars ready to test tonight so we can be ready to film the season opener of season 12 (or the season finale of season 11, we're really not sure anymore lol). Both cars are getting a brand new set of the biggest, floppiest Hoosier slicks we could find, a quick once over of the valve trains, and a nut an bolt check before begin loaded in the trailer to head out.

Stay tuned for more of these. I might even do another this week to recap testing and anything else cool that might happen in the shop the next few days...Be sure to hit the subscribe button above. We promise not to spam you!

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