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Midwest Streetcars Shop Vehicles Vol. 1

Well, not much to report with the racecars this week. No news is good news, right? We loaded both cars up and headed to Thunder Valley to get a little testing in and get a couple laps on the slicks so we weren't showing up to race night with brand new tires. That's like, bad luck or something.

Both cars had minimal changes since our last test session, so we mainly just wanted to be sure we could at least repeat that performance before heading into race night. And that's exactly what they did. Shawn made the first trip down the track with a nice easy, 4.48 at 159mph while Chief followed up with a 4.41 at 161mph.

Murder Nova doing a burnout

On the 2-step ready to launch

4.48 at 159mph

Big Chief pulling into the waterbox
Make it hot!

Couple nice easy passes for both cars and then back into the box they went, ready for race night #1 of the week. Both cars are currently still in their trailers waiting to head out to race night #2 for the week #streetoutlaws

Now, something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but been too busy (lazy) to do; Let's take a little closer look at our shop vehicles.

We'll start with the new guy, Jake and his procharged 2003 GMC Sierra. This truck started as most play toys do. Before he started working for Midwest Streetcars, we got him fixed up with a set of long tube headers and a camshaft from Texas Speed, as the bone stock 5.3l just wasn't cutting it anymore. Then, with a little persuasion from yours truly, Jake decided the truck needed a set of Bogart Racing Wheels to really set the look of the truck off.

Bogart D10 wheels 15x10 rear 17x7 front

After that round of mods, he must have had a rich uncle from Nigeria pass and leave him a bunch of money because the build took a pretty serious turn! We got him set up with pile of go fast parts including an F1-a Procharger, Deatschwerks fuel components, and a Protorque torque converter.

While he had the fuel system to run the truck on e85 and make 600+ rwhp, for some reason he was still running weak Oklahoma 91 octane lawn mower gas and quickly hurt the poor little stock engine. Luckily he was now working here at Midwest Streetcars and we were able to help make sure he doesn't go through this trouble again. We gave our friends at Texas Speed a call and put together a nice little rotating assembly for use with the stock crankshaft. It includes a piston designed for TSP by Wiseco and a set of their house branded connecting rods. Jake decided he didn't want to stuff all these nice parts in his old stock iron block, so he found a gen 3 aluminum 5.3 block for its replacement and quickly got everything to Brand Racing Engines to be inspected, bored, and balanced. While we were all quick to give him hell for running lawn mower gas and breaking the motor, it was cool to learn as he was assembling its replacement, that it was the first engine he'd ever built himself. He must have done a decent job because its still running several months later and he hasn't been kind to it at all lol

We haven't had the truck on the dyno yet, but this build very closely resembles the one in Chief's truck, Wanda. This one is just a few more cubic inches. It should make somewhere in the mid 600rwhp range on e85.

Now for what everyone always wants to know: the specs.

2003 GMC Sierra

9.5:1 compression



Texas Speed (Wiseco) Pistons - 3.82 bore

Texas Speed Connecting Rods - 6.125"

Stock GM Crankshaft - 3.622 stroke

243 cylinder heads (unported but valve job by Brand Racing Engines)

PAC dual valve springs with titanium retainers

Texas Speed camshaft (227/236 .629/.615 114+3LSA)

Factory 78mm intake manifold

Factory 78mm throttle body

Procharger F1-a Stage 2 kit

Deatschwerks 95# injectors

Deatschwerks 400lph fuel pump

Deatschwerks fuel pressure regulator

4L60e trans with vette and billet servos

Protorque torque converter

Tuned with HP Tuners

Bogart Racing Wheels D10 wheel (15x10 rear 17x7 front)

Mickey Thompson 275 pro rear tires

215/65-17 front tires

Stock 8.5 10bolt rear end (aka: the next victim lol)

I hope to have some video of this truck doing cool things in the near future that I can share with you all. We can get you set up with this same combo of parts, or stick around and wait for the rest of the builds and pick your favorite one. We can clone them all...just takes money!

Be sure to subscribe so you can keep up with these shop builds as well as all the other cool sh*t we do around here on the daily!

Parts manufacturers used for this build:

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