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Getting Wanda ready for BIG power

Everyone's favorite shortwide Chevy is still around! Wanda has been out of commission for the past few month due to finally breaking the bone stock 4L60e. While on the way to the body shop for some fresh paint, 'someone' convinced Chief it would be cool to "do it for the gram" and do a 50mph rolling burnout. Unfortunately, the output shaft didn't it was near as cool of an idea as we did lol.

This last week, Monkey got the Rossler built 4L80e installed using a swap harness from Frost, a 4L80 conversion crossmember from DTR Fab, and of course a Protorque converter. For the time being, we just used the stock driveshaft with a transmission yoke from Mark Williams and a Strange 1350 yoke on the rear end and some JEGS brand ujoint girdles.

Besides the transmission upgrade, not much else has changed with Wanda other than the addition of Z06 brakes, courtesy of caliper brackets from 'Rudy'. These things look so sick and have been a huge help in getting this thing slowed down from ludacris highway speeds lol

Here's a quick rundown of the current setup on Wanda:

Stock 5.3 long block

PAC valve springs

Stock Rockers with Smith Brothers trunion upgrade

Texas Speed pushrods

Custom ground camshaft spec'd by Chief


Deatschwerks 95# injectors

Aeromotive dual phantom drop-in fuel pump setup

Procharger F1a stage 2 kit

Nitrous Express plate kit

Stainless Works headers and custom fab'd exhaust by Monkey

Rossler 4L80e with transbrake

Stock driveshaft

Stock 10bolt rear end

Z06 brake kit with caliper brackets from 'Rudy'

22" B-Forged wheels

To get you up to speed on current power levels and what the old 4L60 was able to withstand, check out parts 1 and 2 of the Wanda build in the video's below. If we did all this to a stock 4L60, imagine what we're going to put this badboy 4L80 through...Stay tuned for a part 3 of the Wanda saga coming soon, including a Quick Performance 9" rear end, suspension upgrades, and some BIG POWER to test all of these parts out!

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